Wild Texas Wind – Original T.V. Movie & Soundtrack (EXPANDED EDITION) (Dolly Parton) (1991) DVD & CD SET


Disc 1

Original T.V. Movie Movie (DVD)

Original Air Date: September 23, 1991

Wild Texas Wind Is An 1991 American Made-For-Television Drama Film Distributed By Sandollar Productions, Directed By Joan Tewkesbury And Starring Dolly Parton, Gary Busey, And Ray Benson. Parton Co-Wrote The Story With Mark Kiracofe, As Well As Multiple Songs From The Film With Benson.

Plot Summary:

The Story Centers Around Singer Thiola Rayfield (Parton) And Her Band Big T And The Texas Wheelers. The Plot Follows The Band’s Climb To Success And Thiola’s Tumultuous Relationship With Their Violently Abusive, Alcoholic Manager Justice Parker (Busey). In The Midst Of The Chaos, A Murder Occurs, Leaving Authorities With A Trio Of Suspects And A Mystery To Solve.

Main Cast:

Dolly Parton – Thiola Rayfield
Gary Busey – Justice Parker
Ray Benson – Ben Rayson
Dennis Letts – Harlan Fowler
Willie Nelson – Himself

Disc 2

Original T.V. Movie Soundtrack (CD)

01. Big T (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) 02:40)
02. There’s A Ring Around The Moon Tonight (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) (01:45)
03. Say It’s True (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) (01:05)
04. Road Happy / On The Road Again (Dolly Parton, Ray Benson & Willie Nelson) (03:39)
05. Cover Up A Heart That’s Broke (Dolly Parton) (00:42)
06. Swingin’ Like Tarzan & Jane (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) (01:44)
07. Farther Along (Dolly Parton) (02:04)
08. Leave That Cowboy Alone (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) (01:34)
09. Instrumental (Fiddle Interlude) (01:38)
10. Wild Texas Wind (Dolly Parton) (03:22)
11. Speakin’ Of The Devil (Dolly Parton) (01:14)
12. I Love A Tall Man (Dolly Parton & Ray Benson) (01:20)
13. Songbird (Willie Nelson) (01:19)
14. Big T / On The Road Again (Reprise) (Dolly Parton, Ray Benson & Willie Nelson) (00:35)
15. Wild Texas Wind Theme (Instrumental Theme Song) (01:27)

***Tracks May Contain Dialogue And Background Noise From Film***