We Sell Rare, Hard-To-Find, And Out-Of-Print Music CDs & DVDs.
We specialize In Converting Rare, Hard-To-Find, And Out-Of-Print Music & Movies to CD/DVD.

We add FREE BONUS TRACKS to most CD’s if alternate versions or remixes are available. If an item is not listed with bonus tracks feel free to ask us if any are available.

What Am I Purchasing?

A Handmade Glossy White Inkjet CD-R Disc. Full Disc Printing with no smudging on Watershield Protection discs. Includes Full-Color Inserts Shown in Ad and Standard CD Cases. Excellent sound quality. Not an official copy.

Handmade CD Copies. Every Genre Of Music.

Looking for out-of-print or highly-priced CD’s? Buy them here at the low price of $27.98
We can convert your old Vinyl, Cassette Tape or VHS to CD/DVD for FREE! Send us your Vinyl, Cassette Tape or VHS. We will convert it for FREE and send you back your original along with your new copy. You pay for all shipping costs + $27.98 for the CD/DVD.
We have a HUGE music collection, most not listed here. If you are ever looking for anything feel free to contact us.

About Me

I started making CDs for myself in 2001 when I purchased my first desktop computer. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. I try and make every customer satisfied with their purchases. It took me a couple of years to find old music that I loved and convert them to disc. I was disappointed and frustrated because the music that I wanted wasn’t available on CD. I went out and bought old vinyl and cassettes and found the technology that allowed me to make my favorite albums to disc. I bought many CDs from other sellers online that made CDs before I learned to do it myself. It wasn’t easy or cheap to do this. Blank CD-Rs were VERY expensive because it was a new technology in the world. Through many trials and errors, I have become quite Professional at it all. As I said, I am not perfect and I still make plenty of mistakes.

I have been in business since March 2004. I have previously sold on eBay, Ioffer, and Etsy with a 99.7 FIVE STAR rating. Selling over 36,500 items combined. I have worked hard to make the best product I can. I try and keep up the latest technology available to home businesses. I am constantly trying to improve products to my best ability. Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any problems.

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Rich Newton