The New Power Generation (Prince) – NPG Records Sampler Experience (1995) CD


01. N.P.G. Operator (0:14)
02. 1-800 NEW FUNK (0:38)
03. NPG: Get Wild (0:34)
04. NPG: DJ Gets Jumped (Segue) (0:22)
05. NPG: New Power Soul (0:34)
06. NPG: Sonny Turns The TV Off (Segue) (0:43)
07. NPG: Count The Days (0:34)
08. N.P.G. Operator (Segue) (0:12)
09. Tora Tora Experience: (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose! (0:33)
10. N.P.G. Operator (Segue) (0:05)
11. Madhouse: Asswhuppin’ In A Trunk (0:34)
12. Madhouse: Ethereal Segue (0:28)
13. Madhouse: Parlor Games (0:34)
14. Derek Hughes: Somebody’s Somebody (0:46)
15. N.P.G. Operator (Segue) (0:17)
16. The NPG Orchestra: Kamasutra (Excerpt) (0:42)

A promotional cassette entitled ‘Sampler Experience’ was given to attendees of ‘The Ultimate Live Experience’ Tour in March 1995. Samples from the upcoming NPG album ‘Exodus’ along with samples from Madhouse’s ‘24’ album were included as were excerpts from several other unreleased side projects Prince was working on at the time. An in-house cassette was assembled in late 1994 including full-length version of all of the songs.

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – NPG Records
Copyright (c) – Madhouse Music (5)
Copyright (c) – Eric J. Leeds Music
Copyright (c) – Michael Anthony Music
Published By – NPG Music Publishing
Composed By, Arranged By, Performer – Madhouse (tracks: B4 to B6), The NPG Orchestra (tracks: B9), The NPG* (tracks: A1 to B3, B7, B8)
A1 to B3 & B7, B8: © 1995 NPG Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Coming soon on the NPG album ‘Exodus’

B4 to B6: © 1995 Madhouse Music/Eric J. Leeds Music/Michael Anthony Music (ASCAP)
Coming soon on the Madhouse album ’24’

B9: © 1995 NPG Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Coming soon on the NPG Orchestra album ‘Kamasutra’

Look for upcoming releases of “Exodus”, “24”, and “Kamasutra” on NPG Records in 1995! Call 1-800-NEW-FUNK for more information

The announced Madhouse album remains unreleased, it’s only available on bootleg