Celine Dion – Listen To Me The B-Sides & Rarities (2017) 2 CD SET


Disc 1

01. How Does A Moment Last Forever
02. Recovering
03. My Love (Leave Yourself Behind)
04. Winter Song
05. The Show Must Go On (Radio Edit)
06. Hymn
07. Something So Right (Feat. Miss Piggy & The Muppets)
08. Acadian Driftwood (Feat. Zachary Richard)
09. You And Me (Feat. Charles Aznavour)
10. The Prayer (Live) (Feat. Josh Groban)
11. IF I Can Dream (Feat. Elvis Presley)
12. IF I Ruled The World (Feat. Tony Bennett)
13. Bewitched
14. Open Arms
15. Save Your Soul (Feat. Malcolm David Kelley)
16. I Knew I Loved You
17. Map To My Heart
18. The Reason I Go On
19. Let Your Heart Decide
20. I Have To Dream
21. All Because Of You

Disc 2

01. The Prayer (Soundtrack Solo Version)
02. Would I Know
03. It’s Hard To Say Goodbye (Feat. Paul Anka)
04. Mejor Decir Adios (Feat. Paul Anka)
05. Here, There And Everywhere
06. Is Nothing Sacred
07. Happy To Meet You
08. Send Me A Lover
09. Love Lights The World (Feat. Color Me Badd & Peabo Bryson)
10. Ziggy
11. Tonight We Dance (Extravagance)
12. Cry Just A Little
13. Love You Blind
14. Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You (Feat. Billy Newton Davis)
15. Wishful Thinking (Feat. Dan Hill)
16. Listen To Me (Feat. Warren Wiebe)
17. Listen To The Magic Man
18. Michael’s Song
19. God Bless America