Lisa Hartman – Lisa Hartman / Letterock (2019 EXPANDED EDITION) (Knots Landing) (1983) CD


01. Hidin’ From Love
02. Why Baby
03. Jonny’s Always On My Mind
04. If Love Must Go
05. Hole In My Heart
06. Two To Do
07. Games
08. Miss You (Like I Do)
09. Don’t Let Me Go
10. New Romance (It’s a Mystery)


11. Where The Boys Are (From “Where The Boys Are ’84)
12. When I Said I Do (Feat. Clint Black)
13. Easy For Me To Say (Feat. Clint Black)
14. You Still Get To Me (Demo) (Feat. Clint Black)
15. You Still Get To Me (Feat. Clint Black)
16. Sometimes When We Touch (From “Knots Landing”)
17. Separate Ways (From “Knots Landing”)