The New Power Generation (Prince) – The War (1998) CD


01. War

The War is a live track released on the stand-alone download and single The War by The New Power Generation. The track was first available as a Real Audio download on on 21 July 1998 before The War was sent on cassette in August 1998, to customers who had previously ordered Crystal Ball, free of charge. Some customers did not receive this, however, and some people who did receive it did not order Crystal Ball, so it is unclear how the mailing list was created. A promo CD single of The War was also available for purchase through 1-800 New Funk and online.

The track was recorded live at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota on 20 June 1998, am at a concert dubbed “The One”. The War was the final track played and lasted for 45 minutes. Even in its edited form, The War is 26:00 and holds the distinction of the longest released track by Prince and/or related artists. At one point during the track, a brief synth motif from Utopia is played; Utopia was in fact recorded earlier, but released six months later than The War.