The Rebels – The Rebels (Prince) (1979) CD


01. Thrill You Or Kill You (Lead Vocal: André Cymon)
02. Disco Away (Lead Vocal: Dez Dickerson)
03. The Loser (Lead Vocal: Gayle Chapman)
04. If I Love You Tonight (Lead Vocal: Gayle Chapman)
05. Untitled Instrumental (Bass & Drums: André Cymone)
06. You (Lead Vocal: Gayle Chapman)
07. Untitled Instrumental (Acoustic Guitar & Guitar Sounding Like Synth: Dez Dickerson)
08. Hard To Get (Lead Vocal: André Cymone, Backing Vocal: Prince)
09. Too Long (Lead Vocal: Dez Dickerson)
10. Baby, Baby, Baby (Vocals & Guitar: Prince)
11. Nadeara (Vocals & Guitar: Prince)
12. K-FUNK Interview (1978 Mock Interview With Nadeara)