Home For The Holidays – T.V. Movie (Sally Field) (1972) DVD


Home For The Holidays – T.V. Movie (Sally Field) (1972) DVD



Home for the Holidays is a 1972 American made-for-television horror film directed by John Llewellyn Moxey, produced by Aaron Spelling and starring Sally Field, Eleanor Parker, Julie Harris, Jessica Walter and Walter Brennan which premiered on ABC on November 28, 1972. The plot focuses on a wealthy father on his deathbed who invites his four daughters home for Christmas and tells them he suspects his second wife of poisoning him. Shortly after, the girls learn that their stepmother was accused of killing her first husband, and they begin to fall prey to a killer dressed in a yellow rain slicker.

Jessica Walter as Frederica Morgan
Sally Field as Christine Morgan
Eleanor Parker as Alex Morgan
Julie Harris as Elizabeth Hall Morgan
Walter Brennan as Behamin Morgan
Jill Haworth as Joanna Morgan
John Fink as Dr. Ted Lindsay
Med Flory as Sheriff Nolan