The Muppets – Muppet Classic Theater – Original Soundtrack (EXPANDED EDITION) (1994) CD


01. Intro
02. The Three Little Pigs
03. Show Me Some Respect!
04. The Three Little Pigs (Finale)
05. King Midas
06. The Midas Touch
07. King Midas (Finale)
08. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
09. Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?
10. The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Finale)
11. Intermission
12. Rumpelstiltskin
13. We Got To Get That Name!
14. Rumpelstiltskin (Finale)
15. The Emperor’s New Clothes
16. It’s You!
17. The Emperor’s New Clothes (Finale)
18. The Elves And The Shoemaker
19. Bad Shoe Blues
20. The Elves And The Shoemaker (Finale)
21. Bad Shoe Blues (Reprise)
22. Outro

Muppet Performers:

Dave Goelz – Gonzo, Randy Pig, Rizzo the Rat (Additional Dialogue)
Steve Whitmire – Rizzo the Rat, Kermit The Frog
Bill Barretta – Police Chief, Elvis
Julianne Buescher – Yolanda the Rat, Additional Muppets
Brian Henson – Andy Pig, Elvis, Eugene The Mink, Sheep
Jerry Nelson – Robin The Frog, Big Bad Wolf, Loyal Royal Advisor, Montague The Rat, Elvis
Frank Oz – Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Alligator
Allan Trautman – Father Pig, Banker

Additional Muppets Performed By:

Tim Blaney, Cheryl Blaylock, Kevin Carlson, Terri Hardin, Bruce Lanoil, Drew Massey, James Murray, Joe Selph, and Michelan Sisti