Ryan Bingham And Stephane Beaussart – Eagle’s Nest (2005) 2 CD SET


Ryan Bingham And Stéphane Beaussart – Eagle’s Nest (2005) 2 CD SET

Eagle’s Nest
Montry, France
April, 16 2005

Disc 1

01. Dollar A Day
02. Roadhouse Gypsy
03. Sunshine
04. Big Country Sky
05. Forever
06. Folsom Prison Blues
07. Don’t Think
08. Southside Of Heaven
09. Don’t Wait For Me
10. Sunrise
11. Low And Sweet
12. Borracho Station
13. Clay Pigeons
14. If I Could, I Would

Disc 2

01. Country Road
02. Desolate Road
03. <Unknown>
04. Day Is Done
05. Ever Wonder Why
06. Long Way From Georgia
07. Wishing Well
08. Bandito
09. Ghost Of Travelin’ Jones
10. Bulls In The Ring
11. The Weight
12. Bread And Water
13. Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
14. <Instrumental>
15. Boystown
16. Yesterday’s Blues
17. Pearl St.

In 2005 Ryan Bingham got in contact with French musician Stéphane Beaussart and a local soundboard operator. They recorded a handful of live albums in an effort to raise funds during an impromptu tour of Europe after Bingham had been stranded there (an offer to perform as a ‘real cowboy’ at a Disney Paris performance fell through after he had already landed).

This album was recorded in Montry, France and the files were provided by the original sounboard operator, now owner of FDsound in France.

Ryan Bingham: Guitar, Vocals
Stéphane Beaussart: Dobro
Rebecca Venture: Harmonica