Mother Goose Rock – n – Rhyme (A.K.A. Shelley Duvall’s Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme or Shelley Duvall’s Rock in Rhymeland) (1990) DVD


Mother Goose Rock – n – Rhyme (A.K.A. Shelley Duvall’s Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme or Shelley Duvall’s Rock in Rhymeland) (1990) DVD

Mother Goose Rock – n – Rhyme (A.K.A. Shelley Duvall’s Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme or Shelley Duvall’s Rock in Rhymeland) is a 1990 American musical television film that aired on the Disney Channel. The film stars Shelley Duvall as Little Bo Peep and Dan Gilroy as Gordon Goose, the son of Mother Goose, along with a star-studded supporting cast of actors and musicians portraying a wide range of characters, mostly of Mother Goose nursery rhyme fame.

Mother Goose is missing from Rhymeland and it’s up to Little Bo Peep and Mother Goose’s son, Gordon, to find her. What is Rhymeland? It’s the land of nursery rhymes created by Mother Goose. Problem is, if Mother Goose isn’t around to keep the nursery rhymes alive, Rhymeland and its inhabitants will simply disappear.

In this colorful, somewhat demented place, rock stars masquerade as Mother Goose characters and provide a whole new, if somewhat strange, perspective on classic rhymes. Little Bo Beep (Shelley Duvall) is first on the scene, seeking out Mother Goose (Jean Stapleton) to help her find her missing sheep. She and Gordon (Dan Gilroy) initiate a search that takes them on a tour of famous Mother Goose characters.

Among others, Ben Vereen plays an amusing and incredibly flexible Itsy Bitsy Spider, Howie Mandel a punning Humpty Dumpty, Bobby Brown a fancy-footed member of the dancing Three Blind Mice, and ZZ Top the silent but ever helpful Three Men in a Tub. The search for Mother Goose follows a crooked road full of dead ends and full circles, eventually leading to the frightening “real world.” Don’t you wonder who the culprit will turn out to be?


The film deals with the events surrounding Gordon Goose and Little Bo Peep, who, while still trying to find her sheep, goes to Mother Goose’s house for help, only to discover her sudden absence. Bo Peep and Gordon search Rhymeland to flush out what has happened to Mother Goose, all the while watching as many Mother Goose characters begin to mysteriously disappear.

Cast of characters:

The film features an all-star cast including:

Harry Anderson as Peter Piper
Brian Bonsall as Michael
Elayne Boosler as Old Mother Hubbard
Bobby Brown as Three Blind Mice
Shelley Duvall as Little Bo Peep
Art Garfunkel as Georgie Porgie
Teri Garr as Jill (of Jack and Jill)
Dan Gilroy as Gordon Goose
Woody Harrelson as Lou the Lamb (of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Debbie Harry as The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Cyndi Lauper as Mary (of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
David Leisure as The Newscaster/The Game Show Host
Little Richard as Old King Cole
Stephen Kearney and Neill Gladwin as The Crooked Man & His Dog/Happy 1 & 2
Howie Mandel as Humpty Dumpty
Cheech Marin as The Carnival Barker
Van Dyke Parks as The Minister of Merriment
Katey Sagal as Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
John Santucci as All the King’s Men (of Humpty Dumpty)
Garry Shandling as Jack (of Jack and Jill)
Paul Simon as Simple Simon
Jean Stapleton as Mother Goose
Stray Cats (Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker, & Slim Jim Phantom) as Georgie Porgie’s House Band
Ben Vereen as Itsy Bitsy Spider
ZZ Top (Billy Gibbons, Joe Hill, & Frank Beard) as Three Men in a Tub
Pia Zadora as Little Miss Muffet

Special guest appearances:

Vance Colvig Jr.
Paul Daniels
The Del Rubio Triplets
Warren DeMartini, Dweezil Zappa, Randy Jackson & Stephen Bray as The Metal Band, “The Dank”[1]
Jennifer Evans
Seymour Heller