Miracle On 34th Street – Original T.V. Movie (FULL UNEDITED VERSION) (Sebastian Cabot) (1973) DVD


Miracle On 34th Street – Original T.V. Movie (FULL UNEDITED VERSION) (Sebastian Cabot) (1973) DVD


Miracle on 34th Street is a 1973 American made-for-TV movie directed by Fielder Cook. It is the third remake of the original 1947 film. Like the original, this film was produced by 20th Century Fox. Additionally, the New York City-based Macy’s department store allowed their name to be used in this film, unlike later versions.

Production Notes:

Though Sebastian Cabot was known for having a beard at the time the film was made, he instead shaved it off and wore a false beard for this role due to the make-up artists failing at whitening his natural beard. Notably, the dialog in which Susan discovers his beard is real is still kept.
Natalie Wood, who played Susan in the original film, was originally offered the role of Karen Walker, with the idea that her real life daughter would play Susan and Robert Wagner, her husband at the time, would play Bill Schaffer. Wood declined due to concerns over her daughter being too young to start acting.
The film was very clearly shot during the summer as many outdoor shots depict lush, green trees.

Original channel: CBS

Original Release date: December 14, 1973

Produced by: Norman Rosemont

Screenplay by: Jeb Rosebrook & George Seaton (1947)

Story by: Valentine Davies

Music by: Sid Ramin

Cinematography: Earl Rath

Editing by: Gene Milford

Production company: 20th Century Fox Television

Country: United States

Language: English


Jane Alexander … Karen Walker
David Hartman … Bill Schaffner
Roddy McDowall … Dr. Henry Sawyer – Psychiatrist
Sebastian Cabot … Kris Kringle
Suzanne Davidson … Susan Walker
Jim Backus … Horace Shellhammer
Barry Greenberg … Alfred
David Doyle … R.H. Macy
Tom Bosley … Judge Henry X. Harper
James Gregory … Deputy District Attorney Thomas J. Mara
Roland Winters … Mr. Gimbel
Liam Dunn … Mr. Tucker – Reindeer Keeper
Conrad Janis … Doctor Pierce
Ellen Weston … Celeste
Jason Wingreen … Halloran
Burt Mustin … Roy