Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & Duane Allman – The Boston Rag (WBCN Studios) (EXPANDED EDITION) (1970) CD


Live Radio Session
WBCN Studios, Boston, MA
November 21, 1970

01. Standish Real Estate Company (Advertisement)
02. El Paso
03. Studio Chat
04. Big River
05. I Know You Rider
06. Interview
07. Ragtime Workout
08. Interview 2
09. Dark Hollow
10. Studio Chat 2
11. Angie
12. Let Me In

Interview With Ed Shane WPLO FM, Atlanta, Georgia, 17th October 1970

13. The Duane Allman Radio Hour (Part One)
14. The Duane Allman Radio Hour (Part Two)

The Grateful Dead had a gig on November 21, 1970 at Sargent’s Gym, Boston, MA. Ned Lagin sat in with the Dead for the first time this night. Meanwhile, the Allman Brothers were playing the Boston Tea Party across time [sic]. Early on the morning of the 22nd [21st?], Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir drop by WBCN-FM in Boston and play a little acoustic music over the air, hosted by DJ Charles Laquidara.

The sound isn’t pristine but the music sure is pretty; and everyone seems to be having a good time. Listeners will too. And Deadheads won’t be surprised to find Garcia and company starting the show with Marty Robbins’ El Paso – a song the Dead practically called their own since 1969.