Jean, Scherrie & Lynda Formerly of The Supremes – Bouncing Back (EXPANDED EDITION) (1991) CD


01. Baby Love (Jean On Lead Vocals)
02. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Scherrie On Lead Vocals)
03. Love Child (Lynda On Lead Vocals)
04. Crazy ‘Bout The Guy (Jean On Lead Vocals)
05. Stoned Love (Scherrie And Jean On Lead Vocals)
06. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Feat. The Originals)
07. I Want To Be Loved (Feat. Ladies On Lead Vocals)
08. Back By Popular Demand (Feat. The Originals)
09. Hit And Miss (All Three Ladies Of Lead Vocals) Co-Written By Scherrie
10. Nathan Jones (All Three Leads On Unison Vocals)
11. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Feat. The Originals) Co-Written By Scherrie


12. Back By Popular Demand (DJ Edit)
13. Stoned Love (Remix)