Faithful Breath – Live (1986) CD


Faithful Breath – Live (1986) CD

Band Info:

Country: Germany
Location: Witten, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed: 1967
Style(s): Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Status: Changed Name (Risk)

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: Vinyl
Recording Year: 1984
Release Year: 1986
Release Style: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Noise Records

Release Line Up:

Heinz Mikus – Vocals, Guitars
Thilo Hermann – Guitars
Peter Dell – Bass
Jürgen Düsterloh (R.I.P. 2014) – Drums


01. Bacchu Ber (Intro)
02. Gold ‘N’ Glory
03. Warriors
04. Like An Eagle In The Sky
05. Princess In Disguise
06. A Million Hearts
07. Hermann Feature
08. Jailbreaker
09. Play The Game
10. King Of The Rock