The Muppets – The Christmas Toy – Original Soundtrack (1986) CD


The Muppets – The Christmas Toy – Original Soundtrack (1986) CD

01. Intro
02. Introductions By Kermit
03. Toys Love To Play
04. The Greatest Christmas Toy Of All
05. Try The Impossible
06. Meteora
07. Together At Christmas
08. Together At Christmas (Reprise)
09. Outro


Dave Goelz – Rugby Tiger & Ditz
Steve Whitmire – Mew & The Dauntless Dragon
Kathryn Mullen – Apple
Jerry Nelson – Balthazar
Richard Hunt – Belmont
Camille Bonora – Meteora & Molly (Voice)
Brian Henson – Cruiser
Rob Mills – Bleep
Nikki Tilroe – Ding-A-Ling
Marsha Moreau – Jamie
Zachary Bennett – Jesse
Jim Henson – Kermit The Frog & Jack-In-The-Box (Uncredited)


Executive Producer: Diana Birkenfield
Producers: Jim Henson, Martin G. Baker
Director: Eric Till
Writer: Laura Phillips
Music & Lyrics By Jeff Moss
Production Designer: Val Strazovec
Lighting Designer: John Rook
Musical Conductor & Arranger: Dick Lieb
Muppet Design Group: Ed Christie, Joanne Green, Jan Rosenthal, Rollie Krewson, Norman Tempia & Tim Miller
Mechanical Design: Tom Newby, Fred Buchholz, Larry Jameson & Thom Flowers
Conceptual Designer: Larry Difiori
Story Editor: Jocelyn Stevenson
Creative Consultants: Lawrence Mirkin & Bonnie Erickson
Production Manager: Ritamarie Peruggi
Assistant Director: Wayne Moss

The Christmas Toy aired on ABC on December 6, 1986. It was later adapted into a storybook in 1987.

In this one-hour Christmas special, Christmas Eve is celebrated at the Jones’ home, where the toys in the playroom magically come to life when people are not around.

Following an introduction by Kermit the Frog, who provides a glimpse into the Jones’ household – the family makes holiday preparations, the toys talk about the meaning of Christmas and how they will prepare to welcome the new toys that will be given to the Jones children, Jamie and Jesse.

Rugby Tiger, who was Jamie’s Christmas present the previous year, remembers that special day and decides to find a way into a gift box under the tree again this year. But the other toys are worried that he will become frozen once he leaves the playroom, and they devise a plan to rescue him.