Ani DiFranco – Woodstock 06.16.19 (LIVE) (2019) 2 CD SET


Disc 1

01. Anticipate
02. As Is
03. Two Little Girls
04. Life Boat
05. Still My Heart
06. Zoo
07. Swan Dive
08. Alrighty
09. Genie

Disc 2

01. Bad Dream
02. Chloroform
03. Happy
04. Alla This
05. Play God
06. Deportee
07. Which Side Are You On?
08. Joyful Girl
09. Overlap

On this bootleg, witness Ani and the band’s first visit to the landmark home of Levon Helm in Woodstock, with a set including two new previously unreleased songs, “Bad Dream” and “Chloroform” and special guest Gracie and Rachel. Falling on Father’s Day, Ani was in a mood to take her time, and bass player Todd Sickafoose was celebrating his recent Hadestown Tony win. The beautiful historic wooden barn provided an intimate 360 experience with the audience wrapped around the stage on all sides, giving some a chance to see how the live music sausage is made from behind the stage. See if you can guess the identity of the notable attendee that Ani affectionately calls the “disruptive girl” who shouts out Ani’s use of tritones. 😉 (Hint: she is also a Patreon creator.)


Released: December 19, 2019

Band Includes:
Ani DiFranco: Vocals
Todd Sickafoose: Bass + Wurlitzer
Terence Higgins: Drums
Gracie and Rachel: Vocals + Violin

Recorded By: Jake Cacciatore
Mixed By: Mike Napolitano
Live Sound By: Kimberly Glick

Recorded live on June 16, 2019, at the Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY.

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